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Smart Freezers
Sealed Containers

One-Touch Freezers. Protected 24-Hour Containers.
Confirmed Sterility. Increased Utility. Smarter Use.
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SurgiSLUSH™️ programmable auto-freezers and protective containers
SurgiSLUSH™️ inner hydrophobic container inside protective sleeve next to tamper-evident cap

Clinician-Guided, Patient-Focused Design

SurgiSLUSH™️ users gain important clinical and economic advantages.

Protect every patient . Gain unmatched efficiencies.  Free your team.
One touch automatically produces & maintains auto-soft slush in sealed,
24-hour containers. Supply more slush with less equipment.

Double-walled protection ensures no sterile barrier issues. Keeps slush covered. No prolonged exposure. Sterility confirmed before every use.

Auto-produce slush at the time you choose for maximum efficiency.
No sterile labor. Cord-free. Hands-free. Auto-soft. No fussing with slush during complex cases. Quiet sterile focus. More quiet sterile space.

One-Touch.   Protected.    Auto-Soft.    Hands-Free. 

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Closed System Technology

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One-Touch Auto-Freezers

In room or out, smart freezers automatically produce and maintain auto-soft slush.
Programmable. You choose when.
Supply multiple procedures with sealed, portable containers from one freezer.

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Inner Hydrophobic Containers

Silent containers replace old-style sterile machines becoming secure, convenient dispensers for quiet focus. Cost-effective, hydrophobic containers repeatably produce auto-soft slush. Everyone's an expert.

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Outer Protective Containers

No guesswork. Rigid, double-walled protection. Sealed, tamper-evident containers go where needed and deliver protected, 24-hr usage.
No surprises. Sterility locked in.
Confirmed for every patient. Every time.

The Smart Choice for Today   

One-Touch.    Protected.    Auto-Soft.    Hands-Free. 

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