“We have needed this for a long time.”
Lead CST | CVOR/Procurement


"I prefer sterile container slush vs open air slush for open partial nephrectomy cases. This gives peace of mind in peri-operative and post-operative patient care."
Practicing Urologist


"I was always concerned about maintaining the sterility of the slush when pounding the frozen saline bag on the floor or hard surface, and in the case of the old slush machines where the top was generally uncovered. SurgiSLUSH™ with its sealed system is a game changer in infection protection."
Transplant Consultant


"Should slush in a sterile self-contained package be standard of care? I believe it should. Great patient-safety centered innovation!"
Medical Director | Practicing Urologist


"Those impervious drapes get holes in them – can’t tell you how many times I have had to tell a family about a potential exposure .... This is why I want a better system ... where sterility is never a concern."
Chief, Cardiothoracic Surgery | VA Medical Center


"It was a definite upgrade with sterile slush in a tamper-proof container."
Clinical Director | Perioperative Services


"Congratulations, I did see the AORN seal of Recognition. I will certainly praise your product to anyone I can."
CVOR | Regional Medical Center

"The chopping / pounding / mixing and timing issues of producing "acceptable sterile slush" comprise some of the more crude things going on in an OR today. It's the 21st century ... there is a better way. THIS!"
CVOR Clinical Consultant


"The SurgiSLUSH™ freezer is a major improvement over our old system! This system can provide slush for multiple rooms. The OR environment is much quieter, and less crowded. We make the slush in the morning before our cases start so they are ready for the day and the quality of the slush is far superior over the other technology. With this system, our surgeons have smoother, high quality slush to work with and our nurses don't have to attend to making sure the slush is maintained ..."
Clinical Coordinator | CVOR
"It’s like going from a horse and buggy to a brand new Mustang!"
Surgical Tech | CVOR


“Our surgeons, perfusionists and coordinators in the OR all love it for both the ease of creating as well as ease of utilization in the OR."
CVOR/Procurement Team
"The SurgiSLUSH™ Unit is very user friendly and one unit has allowed us to make slush for multiple specialties at the same time."
Director | Surgery
"Slush machine is doing great, everyone loves it. We've been able to utilize setting the timer to have fresh slush in the morning, which is nice."
Transplant Coordinator


"These units have made our recovery program the most efficient/effective. Our doctors never have to wonder whether or not the slush is perfect, consistent, sterile, or available."
Director of Materials | Organ Transplant Program


"My team and our surgeons ... big supporters of SurgiSLUSH™!"
Director | Surgical Services


"After 30 years somebody finally figured out surgical slush."
Cardiac Surgeon | Regional Medical Center
"I work in the field of organ procurement and recovery. In the OR, the SurgiSLUSH™️ is an invaluable asset to our process. Aside from saving some elbow grease by not needing to pulverize 5 to 10 bags of saline blocks, the quality of the slush is second to none. Everyone, from the scrub techs to the surgeons themselves loves them. Efficiency during recovery operations more than doubles when you can have this product from the cooler into the sterile field in an instant."
RCP RRT | Procurement & Transplant Coordinator | OPO
"It has produced consistent quality slush every single time."
"It’s great to have one piece of equipment to service multiple rooms."
"The surgeons love the quality of the slush!"
"It is extremely easy to use SurgiSLUSH™."
Staff | CVOR
"We have one...a fantastic device."
"The SurgiSLUSH™ machine has created a great, consistent slush that our surgeons love. It’s easy to use and the maintenance mode helps our team prepare earlier in the day for cases."
Recovery Specialist | OPO

"This is the best slush I've ever used."
Chair | Dept of Cardiothoracic Surgery | Academic Medical Center