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Simpler. Smarter.

Sterile Surgical Slush CE video

Sterile Slush: A Brief History

  • The history of sterile slush. 1970s. 1980s ...
    And the development of fully automated, sealed sterile slush designed for today's clinical guidelines and clinical pace.
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Sterility report

Independently Tested
Sealed Sterile Security

  • SurgiSLUSH™ users lock out airborne contaminants and add hours of protection in contrast to open-air slush units.

    Drape failures are notoriously difficult to detect during cases. Tamper-evident ChillVault™ containers enable visual confirmation of seal integrity before every use. Knowing sterile barrier integrity BEFORE use is optimal.

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Sterile Surgical Slush CE video

Sterile Surgical Slush:
Why Quality Matters

Simple enough to make everyone a sterile slush expert.
Smart enough to make, maintain & protect until needed.

Streamlined Workflow.  Sealed Security.  Multi-Room Supply.


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