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Smart Freezers
Sealed Containers

One-Touch Freezers. Protected 24-Hour Containers.
Superior sterile security. Added efficiency & utility.
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SurgiSLUSH™️ programmable auto-freezers and protective containers
SurgiSLUSH™️ closed one-touch auto-freezer next to sealed container system

Closed System. Automatic Advances.

SurgiSLUSH™️ Uses Clinician-Guided, Patient-Focused Design

Automate expert slush and simplify your sterile field. Stop fussing with slush during complex cases. Efficient, modern slush is ready ahead of time, allows staff to work on priorities and facilitates quiet sterile field focus. Outside of the sterile field, one-touch freezers automatically produce & maintain atraumatic slush in sealed, 24-hour containers. Gain quiet efficiency, open up sterile space and eliminate a cord across the floor.

Advance your infection prevention efforts automatically. A closed system automatically maintains and protects your slush until use. It ends prolonged, ambient exposures. And it stops troublesome sterile barrier failures. SurgiSLUSH™️ users visually confirm sterility before every use with a sealed container system designed for today’s higher standards.

Supply more slush with less equipment. Just slush, store and make more. Auto-produce slush at the time you choose for max efficiency. Automated improvements deliver easy wins.

One-Touch.   Protected.    Auto-Soft.    Hands-Free. 

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Closed System Slush Technology

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One-Touch Auto-Freezers

Smart freezers automatically produce and maintain auto-soft slush. Programmable start: you can choose when. High output: just store and make more. Can supply multiple procedures. No more sterile slush labor, just quiet focus.

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Inner Hydrophobic Containers

Reusable containers replace costly draped machines. Clinical users gain sterile space and add focus during cases with silent, convenient dispensers. Hydrophobic containers repeatably produce auto-soft slush. Everyone's an expert.

illustration of SurgiSLUSH™️ outer protective container
Outer Protective Containers

Rigid, double-walled protection. Sealed, tamper-evident containers go where needed and deliver protected, 24-hr usage. No guesswork.
No surprises. Sterility locked in.
Confirmed for every patient. Every time.

Exceeding Today's Standards. Automatically.

One-Touch.    Protected.    Auto-Soft.    Hands-Free. 

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