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Closed System
One-Touch Custom Slush

"It's the 21st century ... there is a better way. THIS!"
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SurgiSLUSH™️ programmable auto-freezers and protective containers. No slush drapes. No open basin exposure.

Superior Sterile Security. One-Touch Efficiency. Greater Supply.

Closed System Components

illustration of SurgiSLUSH™️ programmable auto-freezer. Closed system means no slush drapes, no open basin.
One-Touch AutoFreezers

Smart freezers automatically make, maintain & protect custom slush outside the sterile field. Set & forget freezers delete distracting slush labor during cases. And high-output enables multi-case supply. Get more efficiency, sterile security & supply from programmable auto-freezers.
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Sealed Outer Containers

Tamper-evident containers automate superior sterile security. Intact container seals confirm sterile barrier integrity BEFORE EVERY USE. Erase problematic sterility failures & hours-long slush exposures with protected, ready-to-use slush. Gain advanced infection prevention, automatically.
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illustration of SurgiSLUSH™️ inner hydrophobic container. No slush drape waste.
Reusable Inner Containers

Hi-tech containers automate expertise, making surgeons smile. Reusable containers repeatably produce optimal slush and protect it until needed. They serve as space-efficient, sterile-field dispensers. And our users cut waste with an eco-friendly system that replaces disposable slush drapes.
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illustration of SurgiSLUSH™️ inner hydrophobic container
Premium Transfer Coolers

Premium Transfer Coolers provide smarter supply to procedure rooms with pre-made, customized slush that’s instantly available for use. Supply multiple cases simultaneously with sealed, silent and ready-to-use slush. Deploy multi-case efficiency and wave goodbye to costly single-case slush.
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SurgiSLUSH™️ closed one-touch auto-freezer next to sealed container system. No slush drapes.

Closed System. Automatic Advances.

SurgiSLUSH™️ Uses Clinician-Guided, Patient-Focused Design

A closed system automatically makes, maintains and protects customized slush outside of the sterile field. It significantly reduces open, ambient exposure to airborne contaminants by protecting slush until use. And SurgiSLUSH™️ users easily confirm sterile barrier integrity before every use with a sealed, tamper-evident container system. Simply put, SurgiSLUSH™️ automates superior sterile security to meet today’s higher infection prevention standards.

Simplify your sterile field with ready-to-use, customized slush ... and get your surgeons smiling. Modern, protected slush is produced with one touch and auto-maintains customized consistency. It erases sterile field slush labor to allow more focus on priorities. Automate expert-level slush. Gain efficiency during cases. Open up sterile space. And eliminate a cord across the floor.

Supply more slush with less equipment. Just slush, store and make more. Tamper-evident, 24-hour containers extend usability and deliver multi-case supply. We provide premium coolers to transfer sealed, customized slush to procedure rooms during setup. Choose to get more with 21st century slush.

Superior Sterile Security.  One-Touch Efficiency.  Greater Supply.

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Adding Significant Value. Automatically.

Superior Sterile Security.    One-Touch Efficiency.    Greater Supply. 

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