Operating room nurse looking down and concentrating on tasks. No sterile drape or open basin slush.

      Sealed. Auto-Expert.
      Smarter. Simpler. Slush.

    Superior Sterile Security | Sealed Protection
    • Closed freezers and sealed containers lock out contaminants.
    • Intact container seals confirm sterile barrier integrity before every use.
    • Adds hours of protection compared to open-air slush units.
    • Erases difficult-to-detect slush drape failures.
    • No need to guard exposed sterile slush during schedule delays.

    One-Touch Workflow | Automated Expertise
    • Patented system makes, maintains & protects expert slush until use.
    • Equalizes slush-making skills. Erases variability. Lowers stress.
    • Deletes intraoperative surgical slush labor. Less distraction.
    • Set & forget function makes fresh sterile slush on your schedule.
    • Removes a machine cord and frees up sterile space.

    Multi-Case Supply | Less Equipment. More Value.
    • Portable containers enable multi-room supply.
    • Superior economics. Less equipment supplies more cases.
    • Superior supply. Stockpile slush for high-volume or emergent use.
    • Extends usability. Sealed sterile slush is usable for 24 hours.
    • Eco-friendly. Reusable dispensers cut significant material waste.
    • Consolidates purchasing. Portable surgical slush supplies all uses.
    • Cuts sterile saline waste by supplying single-liter increments.

Simple enough to make everyone a sterile slush expert.
Smart enough to make, maintain & protect until needed.

Streamlined Workflow.  Sealed Security.  Multi-Room Supply.


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