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Ready-to-Use Expert Slush

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SurgiSLUSH™️ programmable surgical slush machine and protective containers. No slush drapes.

Superior Sterile Security. One-Touch Workflow. Greater Supply.

Automated Protected System Components

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Fully Automated Sterile Slush Freezers

Smart surgical slush units automatically make, maintain & protect custom slush before cases start. Erase slush drapes and prolonged exposure with a closed system. Simple set & forget freezers delete distracting slush labor during cases. High output enables multi-case supply. Get more efficiency, sterile security & supply from no-fuss sterile slush units.
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Illustration of SurgiSLUSH™️ outer protective container used with surgical slush machine.
Sealed Outer Sterile Slush Containers

Tamper-evident surgical slush containers automate superior sterile security. Intact container seals confirm sterile barrier integrity BEFORE EVERY USE. Erase problematic slush drape failures & hours-long slush exposures with protected, ready-to-use sterile slush. Gain 21st-Century sterile slush security to support today's advanced infection prevention objectives, automatically.
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illustration of SurgiSLUSH™️ inner hydrophobic container. No slush drape waste.
Reusable Inner Sterile Slush Containers

Hi-tech, hydrophobic surgical slush containers automate expertise and make surgeons smile. Reusable sterile slush containers repeatably produce optimal sterile slush and protect it until needed. They serve as space-efficient, sterile-field dispensers. SurgiSLUSH™ users cut waste with an eco-friendly system that replaces large, disposable slush drapes.
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Premium Transfer Coolers (Optional)

Savvy programs are choosing wickedly smart supply to procedure rooms with pre-made, customized sterile slush that’s always ready to use. Leading cardiac and transplant programs now supply multiple cases simultaneously with sealed, silent and ready-to-use surgical slush. Deploy multi-case efficiency & delete costly, draped slush machines in every procedure room .
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SurgiSLUSH™️ closed one-touch auto-freezer next to sealed container system. No slush drapes.

Automated. Protected. 
More Efficient Workflow.

SurgiSLUSH™️ Uses Clinician-Guided, Patient-Focused Design

Before cases start, a modern, fully automated, closed sterile slush system makes, maintains and protects expert-level surgical slush outside of the sterile field. Protected, ready & waiting. 

Superior Sterile Security

Clinical leaders are choosing an automated sterile slush system that better conforms with today’s infection prevention guidelines and obsoletes old-style slush unit failure points. They’re moving away from always-open, 1980s-style surgical slush units that deliver thousands of hours of suboptimal ambient exposure. And they’re moving away from vulnerable sterile slush drapes with notoriously difficult to detect leaks during cases. 

Clinical leaders are choosing to automate superior security with closed freezers and sealed ChillVault™ containers that lock out contaminants and enable staff to confirm sterile barrier integrity BEFORE every use. Simply put, SurgiSLUSH™ automates modern sterile protection that conforms with today’s advanced O.R. infection prevention guidelines.

One-Touch Workflow

SurgiSLUSH™ automates expert-level surgical slush with just one touch. Users say goodbye to variable quality and distracting sterile slush maintenance during cases. Clinical leaders find that optimized, pre-made sterile slush simplifies workflow and lowers stress during challenging cases. All of your surgeons will appreciate expert sterile slush without distraction.

Greater Supply

SurgiSLUSH™ supplies more surgical slush with fewer sterile slush machines. Users gain multi-case, scalable supply and service high-volume needs more efficiently. Portable, sealed, 24-hour surgical slush containers extend usability and increase flexibility. Some programs opt to use premium coolers to transfer sealed, customized sterile slush to procedure rooms before cases start as a silently efficient, economical supply option. Only SurgiSLUSH™ provides multi-case supply and unmatched value.

94% Support for Closed System Slush after Clinical Evaluation.
Cardiac, transplant, procurement,  urology and other sterile slush users are upgrading to fully automated, closed system SurgiSLUSH™.

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Simple enough to make everyone a sterile slush expert.
Smart enough to make, maintain & protect until needed.

Superior Sterile Security.    One-Touch Workflow.    Greater Supply. 

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