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Intelligent Automation Provides the
Most Efficient Slush System (with Superior Economics).

SurgiSLUSH™ 4-Liter and 2-Liter Automated Slush Freezer Systems
Portable, Re-Usable Containers Eliminate Slush Drapes and Slush Bags.
The Most Efficient Production and Use of Slush. Fast and Convenient.

Fast, Efficient,
Smart Slush.

SurgiSLUSH™ is the fastest growing sterile slush technology in the US. Our smart freezers utilize a secure double-container system to simultaneously supply multiple procedures with always optimal slush. SMART





FAST, OPTIMAL SLUSH - Re-Usable, Hydrophobic Containers Use Applied Materials Science to Repeatably Produce Smooth Slush Fast!

ULTRA-SECURE STERILE CONTAINERS - Tamper-Evident, Double-Container System


SCALABLE - Add Containers to Increase Supply - Not Expensive Machines

COST-EFFECTIVE - Slush Containers Replace Machines in O.R.s

EFFICIENT - Intelligent Automation - Press One Button and Walk Away

CLEAN - No Fluid Control System Exchanges Air Next to Patients

QUIET - Silent, Secure, Space-Saving Slush Dispensers

TOTAL CONTROL - No Contracts - Leasing Options




Please contact us for pricing, product information and clinical evaluations.


Automated freezers use a secure, double-container system to supply procedures faster, with better control of slush quality. Evaluate the most efficient sterile slush system.


Smart Switch - Small containers replace expensive slush machines in each O.R. Happy budget managers.


Custom Slush - Touchpad controllers easily adjust freezers to produce optimal, customized slush consistency. Happy surgeons.


Gain Clean, Silent Slush - Produce slush where and when most efficient - not in a busy, crowded sterile field. Eliminate intraoperative noise and air disturbance next to your surgical patients. SMART


High Output - Refrigerate slushed containers to maintain (up to 6 hours). Reload and produce more slush with the push of a button. Repeat as needed. EFFECTIVE.


re-usable Containers make SMOOTH SLUSH and serve as small, silent dispensers

Our re-usable containers use serious, applied material and thermal science to repeatably produce smooth slush.


Tough and autoclavable.


With our premium, high-tech hydrophobic material, ice crystals do not adhere to container walls. Continuous mixing produces smooth slush with no clumps. Science Makes Happy Surgeons!


Silent, space-saving dispensers.


Designed with wide mouths for easy filling and dispensing.

PCS™ - double-container SECURITY also provides the most efficient slush

Users of the Protective Container System™ (PCS™) get tamper-evident security and secure distribution for the most efficient supply capability.


Outer, Protective Containers (PCS™) turn the inner, re-usable containers into smart and silent sterile field dispensers. Just a small, convenient container needed in the sterile field.


Build slush supply for later use. Store and maintain optimal slush in any refrigerator. Refringerators maintain slush up to 6 hours. Reload more slush containers, press one button and walk away - efficient.


Transplant and procurement teams produce 20 or more liters of secure, portable slush for immediate access and use. SMART.


hybrid TEAMS enjoy continuous supply with no set-up or equipment needed

Ideally designed for hybrid rooms.


Hybrid teams produce slush before their procedures when it's efficient to do so.


Keep slushed containers ready for use for up to six hours in refrigerators or coolers.


Silent, Space-Saving and Clean: No noise; no intraoperative maintenance chopping at slush; no air exhausted inside sterile field.


A plannable, accessible container system provides valuable efficiency when most needed.


The Fastest, most efficient
slush system

High volume output- computerized control

Your own slush factory on site - simply add containers to increase supply

Touchpad controller optimizes slush quality and consistency - happy surgeons

Push start button - walk away - high-visibility timer indicates readiness - maintains perfect slush automatically


Non-sterile for most efficient placement - breaks the 1:1 machine to room ratio


Eliminates sterile field noise and air distubance

Product SFU-4.0

hydrophobic, re-usable containers - perfect slush

Superior sterile barrier - stronger and greener


Applied materials science provides a smooth high-tech inner surface that repeatably produces optimal slush

Inner container in a secure double-container system. Remains protected and entirely sterile - serves as efficient dispensing container

Product RSC-1L

protective Container System™ for safe slush

Outer Containers lock and protect re-usable slush containers inside

Tamper-evident security throughout production and distribution

Unlock and remove tamper-evident cap to release re-usable containers back to sterile field

Re-usable containers then serve as space-saving slush dispensers - SMART

Product PCS-1.0



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"This is the best slush I've ever used," Chair, Dept of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Academic Medical Center

“After 30 years somebody finally figured out surgical slush.” - Cardiac Surgeon

"Nice job on the design. You guys are amazing." - Transplant Nurse Manager - Academic Medical Center

"Our experience has been very favorable." - Chief Medical Officer, OPO Executive VP, Leading Transplant Surgeon

"We have one...a fantastic device." Large OPO CEO

"I love it." - Recovery Manager - OPO

"Should slush in a sterile self-contained package be standard of care? I believe it should.
Great patient-safety centered innovation!"
Medical Director and Practicing Urologist


Please contact us for pricing, product information and clinical evaluations.



C Change Surgical LLC, founded in 2004, is a privately held company that operates from the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter in Winston-Salem, NC.


C Change develops, patents, manufactures and markets computerized electronic systems that control sterile surgical fluid temperature. C Change technologies significantly reduce direct costs, reduce risk, improve patient safety and increase surgical team efficiency. C Change Surgical holds over 25 US and international patents that generate revenue and protect innovative technologies. We proudly develop, design and manufacture exclusively in the USA.

C Change has introduced the world’s first Container-Based, Re-Usable automated sterile slush freezer system and the first new surgical slush technology in nearly 30 years. Our product development progress in the last two years has been dramatic and we thank the nurse leaders and experienced clinicians who provided invaluable input. With expert input we have enhanced capacity, utility and flexibility while solving significant sterile barrier security concerns. In surgical slush the future is now.


We design and build products that address clinical and economic issues. We rely on technician, nurse and surgeon advisors to guide us through our product development efforts. If you have an idea or suggestion, please contact us.

Management Team Industry Experience: 

Experienced (Fortune 500) Medical Device Industry Team

Proven Start-Up & Development Team
Expert Research, Design and Product Development
Hold Over 25 US & PCT Patents
Successful Product Licensing to Fortune 500 Healthcare Firm
Advanced Product Design and Production Engineering



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